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Memorial to the victims of fascism

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Type: Memorial complex, Monuments Date of Foundation: 1964 year Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district, Koldychevo

«Memorial to the Victims of Fascism» is erected in honor of prisoners of Koldychevo camp (operated from March 1942 to July 1944). Established in 1964. Architect - Kurochkin А.

At the site of burial of prisoners of the death camp Koldychevo July 3, 2007 victims of genocide monument was opened - the representatives of the three religions: Jews, Catholics and Orthodox. The monument was erected at the entrance of the forest between the villages Mihnovichy and Koldychevo where death camp was located during the Second World War. According to historical materials, there has killed more than 22 thousand civilians Belarus, the majority of whom were Jews. Also here were poisoned in the gas chambers 100 Catholic priests, two Roma were shot camp, and destroyed the participants of the partisan movement.

The monument is a three-sided arch, on which the star David, Orthodox and Catholic crosses. The opening of this unique monument was attended by representatives of the local Administration of the Union of Architects of Belarus, members of the Jewish communities of the republic, Catholic community and local residents. To honor the memory of our ancestors came and relatives of the victims from Israel, the USA, Poland.

Even more devastating, and many burial mounds left behind at the Baranovichi ground World War II. On the territory of the fascist invaders were organized two camps of death in the village of Forest and Koldychevo. During the existence of the death camps, the Nazis tortured and killed more than 110 thousand prisoners of war and civilians. The terrible fate of Khatyn repeated 2 May 1943 Zastarine village, where severe violence was inflicted on civilians - 382 people were burned and killed in this bloody day. Of the 115 homes that were at the beginning of the war, only 19 survived.

In memory of fellow countrymen, to those who died in the torture chambers and concentration camps of fallen soldiers during the fighting on the ground Baranovichi, erected 99 monuments, monuments and plaques. Every year there are new sites, open up new memorials and plaques. The memory of those terrible days will live in the hearts people for many years. reveal all text

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district, Koldychevo GPS Google: 53.279964′ N, 26.061906′ E