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Type: The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 20 century Status: The international value Republbic of Belarus, Grodno

Historical center of Grodno - preserved historical planning structure of the central part of XVIII-XIX centuries, where a small area centered about 400 historical buildings from different epochs and styles are inextricably linked.

Urban planning composition formed over the centuries the city center, taking into account the picturesque landscape - hills, flood plains of rivers and ravines.

In the first half of the XII and XIII century. Grodno was the center of of an independent principality. In the XV century has become the largest trade and craft center in Belarus, and from XVI century became the residence of the great Lithuanian princes and Polish kings.

The development of the city went to the castle, pledged on a high hill at the confluence of the river Neman in Gorodnichanka along the rivers. Layout of streets is not was regular, and walked along the rugged terrain of the complex. Trading the area located two blocks from the castle. It came out seven streets the city. The centerpiece of the area occupied town hall, are located around the houses of the nobility, the big traders, here stood the parish church, churches, monasteries.

In the cultural heritage of Grodno is dominated by its brilliant architectural ensembles, which are intertwined monuments of different eras and styles of ancient architecture, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, Classical and other areas.

The historical center of Grodno included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus under the 1st category of the value - the most unique items of international interest.

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Address Republbic of Belarus, Grodno GPS Google: 53.681255′ N, 23.838694′ E