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Museum complex of ancient national crafts and technologies Dudutki

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Type: Objects of culture Date of Foundation: 1994 year Status: Without a category Pukhovichy district, v. Ptich

Dudutki - one of the most visited museums in Belarus, the museum ancient crafts and technologies, is located 40 kilometers from Minsk, in a picturesque location near with the river Ptich. Guests are always happy to offer a set of acquaintance with the tenor of the gentry of the court, the work of craftsmen recreating the old technology in action, cooking the legacy of our ancestors, charming nature of the Minsk region, an amazing animal world.

Shlyahetskoe estate in Dudich known since 1600 year. In the XVIII century Dudichi become known in the local region a center of crafts, trade fairs and exhibitions. From October 1994 year this creates and takes its first guests museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies, which not only promotes the Belarusian arts and crafts, but also shlyahetskoy original life estate.

Today Dudutki Museum involves several complexes - a craft courtyard with a mini-exhibition of folk life and the forge, stables and animal park, a garage with a retro car, the only one working in Belarus windmill, a wooden church of St. John.

14 meter windmill was built in 1903-05 years by brothers Michael and Ivan Polyakov in the village of Berezovka, Gomel region. During the collectivization of the mill was collective, and its owners were exiled to Siberia. The mill operated until the early 70-ies years of XX century., Then was in disrepair and eventually collapsed. At the initiative of the museum”s founder Eugene Budinas, in June 1992 year the mill was moved to the museum and restored. To the right of the mill is ”Hata-zavoznika,” in which farmers who brought no time to this day his grind, could have dinner and spend the night.

Craft workshops are pottery, bakery, woodworking shop, straw, and the rod network, Brovary, a smithy, weaving and cheese. Masters will introduce visitors to the museum complex technology and manufacturing process of products, with the history of crafts, visitors will have opportunity to participate in the process, become journeyman blacksmith, sit at the potter”s wheel.

On the territory of Dudutki is the only in Belarus moonshine, which officially authorized to make this hard liquor. In the garage you can see samples of vintage cars, including the trophy ”Horch” World War II.

The farm museum of living cows, sheep, pigs and rabbits. Also in zoo presents and unusual pets - ostriches, roe deer, wild boar, ponies and donkey.

Museum Complex ”Dudutki” has its own stable of thoroughbred horses,You can not only see but also to ride.

Guests are offered tastings of local products production:
• hvodka, bread, pickles, honey
• in the bakery (fresh-baked bread, 3 kinds of cheese, butter, tea)
• at the mill (peasant bread with lard)

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09:00 07-May (Sunday) Dudutki
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Address Pukhovichy district, v. Ptich GPS Google: 53.595918′ N, 27.684664′ E