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Tour Memory places of Belarusian lands (5 days)

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You can get acquainted with the amazing facilities in the tour round «Memory places of Belarusian lands». They will open for you a new page of the tragedy of the war years. You will visit the «weeping ground» Belarusian hearts. «Dear people, You have to remember! We loved life, and our homeland, and You... We were burned alive in the fire. Our request to all: let grief and sorrow will turn in your courage and strength to you could ever adopt the peace and quiet in the land. For now, not ever in a whirlwind of fire life did not die!»

We may adjust the beginning and end, the program of this tour depending on length of your stay in Belarus, flight schedules and according to your wishes.
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Map of the tour route Memory places of Belarusian lands (5 days)