Mogilev - Bujnichi field

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per person

* price for an individual excursion in a group of 7 people

4'401 ₽

* price for a corporate excursion in a group of 19 people

2'609 ₽

The cost of excursions is approved in Belarusian rubles and when paying in other currencies the final cost may differ from the one indicated on the site depending on the exchange rate of the card issuing bank (MIR, Visa, Mastercard).

Included in the price of the excursion:

  • certified guide services
  • transport services


Mogilev… Really to experience this city – it is necessary to visit it. Only then it will open for you the ancient book in which our ancestors entered the first lines in a distant 13th century, and contemporaries enter new events day by day. Temples and palaces, paved streets and fancy monuments, a town hall – a symbol of the city of all times and the astrologer. It towers among constellations of nice names and constellations that desires are granted. Make also you the treasured wish!


Mogilev - Minsk

Excursion type



450 km


14:00 hour

Language of training



Bus-Walking tours


Gathering the group

Moving in Mogilev (200 km)


Moving in Minsk (200 km)

The end of the tour

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