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Belarusian tour operator private research and production unitary enterprise «Automated tourism technologies» is the largest company in the Republic of Belarus, which specializes in domestic and inbound tourism. Today PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies» - This is a successful travel company with many years of experience, a developed partner network and contractual relations with all leisure facilities, sports and related tourism infrastructure in Belarus. Our company covers all possible types of tourism and today the promotion of gastronomic tourism in Belarus is one of the most promising areas in the development of the company.

Belarus is a country that is ready to offer its guests not only a rich excursion program, treatment in sanatoriums, outdoor recreation, but also places where it is possible to taste dishes of different cuisines with high quality and tasty. Gastronomic tourism – a young direction, but deep culinary traditions and skills have already made it popular among tourists. Enterprise «Automated tourism technologies» ready to offer a variety of options for such travel, including the opportunity to experience the process of creating a culinary masterpiece and tasting.

Belarusian cuisine

National cuisine of Belarus has a long history. Its development and formation was influenced by both climatic conditions and the geographical position of the country at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures, the largest world religions - Christianity, Islam, Judaism. The most authentic information about the eating habits of Belarusians is stored in the “inventories” of the 16th century, detailed descriptions of the property of landowners, where the list of products stored in storerooms is listed. In the 17th century, cooking books with recipes written in Polish appeared in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which included Belarus. In due time, each class in Belarus acquired its own culinary traditions, as a result of which whole directions were formed: peasant and bourgeois, gentry and magnate cuisines.

In the old days, Belarusians liked to use salted lard , which was salted directly with the skin. A common product was dried mushrooms , which were often ground into flour. Meat was rarely consumed, mainly on major holidays. Unlike other Slavic cuisines, the Belarusian almost completely lacked milk dishes and sweets. Instead of delicacies, they used a variety of sweet drinks, and as a dessert they used various gelatinous kissels (oatmeal, berry), berry cakes and pastries. Potatoes penetrated the territory of Belarus in the XVIII century, significantly diversified the daily table of the Belarusian and became the basis of many traditional dishes. In the twentieth century, wheat flour and dishes from it were widely spread in the Belarusian cuisine, salads appeared.

Potatoes are rightly called the «second bread» of Belarusians, there are dozens of meat, vegetable dishes and salads with this product. Meat dishes of Belarusian cuisine include bigos (meat stewed with cabbage), sorcerers (pancakes with meat), zrazy, polendvitsu, saltison, cracklings, pie with grease (greasy meat), numerous varieties of sausages, dried and smoked meat. Meat dishes are usually served with different sauces. Of the soups, Belarusians prefer ear, Zhuru, mushroom soup or peas. Among the seasonings are widely used - grated horseradish, cumin, dill. Traditional Belarusian sweets - pancakes , cakes, pancakes, cookies. Also, sour cucumbers, sauerkraut, various cold stews, aspic are used as food.

Among Belarusian alcoholic drinks, vodka, tincture based on home-brew Zubrovka, hot drinks with water and honey, krambambula and krupnik , various balsams, Belarusian beer and kvass are very popular. The special pride of the national Belarusian cuisine is traditional Belarusian bread , which is baked from rye flour without yeast on a specially grown sourdough. This is a useful product for a healthy diet. By weight it is heavier, with a pleasant taste "sour". In ancient recipes, various additives are used: cumin, flaxseed, seeds, and the bread itself is baked on a “pillow” of birch, oak or maple leaves.

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Belarusian national dishes and drinks

Belarusian cafes, restaurants, country estates and ethnographic complexes more and more often enrich their daily menu with dishes of national Belarusian cuisine, find and cherish ancient and forgotten recipes, improve and modernize the taste and presentation of dishes. Guests of Belarus can try not only the well-known pancakes , but also other native Belarusian and no less tasty national dishes.

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Gastronomic tours in Belarus

Belarusian cuisine has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the culinary traditions of other countries, give it a flavor and charm. It is similar to Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Polish, but in its own way unique, tasty and satisfying, with the result that gastronomic tourism and gastro-tours are gaining increasing popularity in Belarus. Such tours provide an opportunity not only to taste various national dishes, learn recipes for their preparation, independently bake Belarusian bread or fry pancakes, but also get to know the country itself, its culture, way of life and traditions. Gastronomic tourists are those people who are bored with the usual standard excursions, those who want to enrich their diet with new recipes and tastes, gourmands, as well as professional chefs and tasters.

Belorussian tour operator «Automated tourism technologies»for over 10 years, specializes in organizing educational and entertainment tours to Belarus, including on the development and conduct of gastronomic tours, both for corporate groups and for individual clients. We invite you to get acquainted with the Belarusian cuisine as individual tourists, corporate groups, and professional chefs and tasters. Having vast experience in holding various events and an impressive base of partners (hotels, carriers, guides, museums, castles, cafes and restaurants, ethnic complexes, farmsteads, creative teams, craftsmen, etc.), we provide high quality services at reasonable prices.

You can get acquainted with the national cuisine of Belarus on our numerous excursions, as well as visiting special workshops, production tours or ordering an individual gastronomic tour according to your wishes:

Almost every country can boast of its local flavor, Belarus is no exception. Cafes and restaurants of national cuisine are open today in Minsk, Grodno, Brest and other major cities. They have the opportunity to order not only well-known pancakes, but also more unique dishes. Numerous Belarusian agro-farms and ethnographic complexes will warmly welcome guests and tasty meals, where masters of their craft will recreate dishes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Anyone can visit such places. Among the most popular cafes of Belarusian cuisine:

  • restaurant chain «Vasilki» in Minsk ;
  • «Kuhmistr» in Minsk;
  • «Pan Hop» in Minsk;
  • «Kamyanitsa» Minsk and «Karchma» at the museum «Strochitsy»
  • «At Frantsysk» in Minsk;
  • «Karchma» in the museum «Dudutki»;
  • «Rynkovka» Brest district and others.

In our excursions in Minsk and Belarus, we offer not only to get acquainted with the historical and architectural sights of the country, but also to touch its culinary heritage. In the lunch menu, we include traditional Belarusian pancakes, seasonal soups, freshly baked bread, natural juices and local fruit drinks. On excursions to ethnographic complexes and farmsteads, often there are workshops or tastings of locally produced products (moonshine, bread, cheese, lard, etc.). By pre-ordering for individual clients or corporate groups, lunch or dinner can be organized, a banquet in the national style, where guests can not only taste native Belarusian dishes, but also enjoy Old Belarusian motifs in live performance.

  • Evening Minsk - a sightseeing tour of the city in a mysterious night illumination;
  • Sightseeing tour of Minsk - a tour of the main attractions of the capital;
  • Строчицы – A unique open-air museum, with the opportunity to have lunch or dinner in the best restaurant of national cuisine «Kamyanitsa» or to conduct a tasting of national drinks - zbiten, crap, mead, etc .;
  • Dudutki - a museum complex of old folk crafts and technologies, the most visited object in Belarus, an excursion with tastings of local moonshine, bread, butter, cheese, bacon;
  • Dukorsky Maentak - the former ancient Pansky manor with an inverted house;
  • Sula History Park - an elite center of cultural and social life of the XVIII century;
  • Mir Castle - the pearl of medieval architecture of Belarus, a monument of UNESCO World Heritage;
  • Nesvizh - the capital of the uncrowned kings of the Commonwealth;
  • Mir - Nesvizh - magnificent monuments of UNESCO, the medieval Radzivils castle in the World and the palace and park ensemble in Nesvizh;
  • Grodno - Lida - Korobchitsy - the most beautiful city of Belarus Grodno and the ethnographic complex in Korobchitsy and others.

The tour operator «Automated technologies of tourism» has exclusive agreements with factories and factories of Belarus and is pleased to invite its customers on production tours. Each tourist will be able to get acquainted in detail with all the stages of production, to hear a detailed story about the process of preparing a particular product, as well as the features of the plant. You will walk through the main workshops, where you will clearly see how the creation of each of the intermediate elements takes place. Cognitive and interesting is the history of each company, which will be happy to tell the guide. At the end of the visit you will have the opportunity to taste the products of the company and visit the company store where you can buy the freshest products for gifts to friends and relatives.

Cooking workshops will allow expanding ideas about the cuisine of Belarus and trying their hand at preparing national dishes. At such classes, they will teach you how to knead the dough for real Belarusian bread, what fillings are better to put in pancakes, how to make a potato headstock or paint gingerbread. As a rule, master classes can take place in two scenarios. The first option: the participants of the master class witness an exclusive spectacle, watch the chef in action, how he slices and mixes food at lightning speed, manages frying pans and saucepans, explains every action and reveals culinary secrets and traditions. In this embodiment, the audience listened and recorded. When choosing the second option, each participant will have active participation. The master class teacher provides a set of products and dishes that are needed to prepare a particular dish. The task of the student becomes closely monitor and repeat every action for the chef. In the format of a culinary master class, you can hold a corporate event, team building, birthday (both children and adults) and much more. More about cooking classes in Minsk and Belarus -  here>> Some of the most interesting workshops:

  • pancake cooking workshop;
  • homemade baking master class;
  • master class on cooking herbal tea in a samovar;
  • coffee making workshop;
  • children's pizza cooking workshop;
  • master class on vegetarian cuisine;

Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle has come back into fashion, consumers are trying to choose cosmetics from natural ingredients, clothing made from natural fabrics and natural food products, marked with the special logo «bio» or «eco». We offer ecologically clean and natural products at numerous Belarusian agro-farms, eco-farms and green industries . Here products are grown and harvested by the traditional method, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The owners of such ekoferms and estates offer guests to taste hand-picked herbal teas, dozens of varieties of honey, sourdough bread, homemade cheese, numerous pickles, etc. Here you will be taught when it is best to collect herbs, show berry and mushroom places, teach you to cook simple and tasty village dishes, milk cows and goats, and take care of the garden. Visiting such places will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults who are tired of city fuss and want to get a charge of freshness and vigor in the lap of nature.

If you are a professional chef or taster, the company «Automated technologies of tourism» is ready to offer you the organization of individual gastronomic tours in Belarus:

  • we will assist in the preparation and organization of your master class in a cafe or restaurant;
  • we will organize for you an individual tour in Belarus with the aim of exploring the national cuisine or food production;
  • we will assist in exhibition activities;
  • organize a culinary competition or festival.

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Culinary festivals and gastrofest

None of the popular festivities in Belarus do without interesting competitions, master classes and, of course, various kinds of treats. At the same time, there are also events that are entirely devoted to cooking or a particular product. Many different gastronomic festivals are held in different parts of Belarus every year, which are ready to offer not only great time for a big company or the whole family, but also to try unusual dishes or products of culinary masters.

Among other gastronomic festivals, the attention is increasingly attracted to the cucumber festival in Shklov, the «Candy» festival in Ivenets, the «Polotsk blueberry», as well as various folk festivals where you can taste national Belarusian dishes. These include «Maslenitsa», «Gukanne vasny», «Kamyanitsa» in the museum of folk architecture and everyday life «Strochitsy» and others.

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Advantages of working with PRPUE «Automated tourism technologies»

  • Complex organization of sporting events;
    The company's specialists will fully plan a sports event of any format, taking into account your requirements and wishes for the budget.

  • Professional assistance and advice;
    Years of experience, visiting sports facilities in Belarus, working with an extensive network of suppliers of travel and related services, as well as the continuous improvement of the skills of our specialists allow us to provide competent advice in organizing events and streamlining business processes.

  • Online booking office with 24/7/365 access ;
    Unique online booking system and the presence of modern personal account for the client allow you to follow the work stages on your request in real time, to conduct electronic document flow and at any time ask questions to the company's specialists. All information about your events is stored in your account for the duration of the cooperation.

  • Convenient information about the stages of work on the order;
    At each stage of interaction with our company, you will be informed by means of messages on the electronic order page and in your personal account, e-mail and even SMS. КIn addition, we are always ready to answer you in any mobile application. - Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram.

  • Extensive Affiliate Network;
    More than 1,200 direct contracts with sports and tourist facilities in Belarus, vast experience allows us to quickly plan and organize a sporting event of any level and complexity.

  • Best price offers;
    Thanks to extensive affiliate network in Belarus our company offers the most favorable rates for hotel accommodation, rental of sports fields, equipment, etc.

  • Full financial documentation and financial statements;
    According to the results of the work on the order, we provide a complete set of accounting documentation, and are also always ready to provide analytical reports for any period of time working on the order.

  • High service standards.
    Careful selection of service providers, an ongoing process of professional development, the availability of our own development and technical support department - all this gives us confidence in maintaining high standards of customer service quality.

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