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200 years ago almost fifth part of the population of our country was made by people of shlyakhetsky estate. In one other country of Europe the aristocracy did not make such most part of the population. Original shlyakhetsky culture which is kept today by palaces and estates of her various representatives is of great interest. Dukorsky маёнтак – the place where the history will recover on your eyes: in music, in theater, in dances, in variety of craft workshops and in the return reality of the house double-dealing fellow.

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  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
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    Moving in Dukora (41 km)
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    Attraction Dukorа estate
    At the end of the 19th century the estate of the brilliant aristocrat and diplomat Leon Oshtorp found very unusual status – the status of the center of maintaining traditional litvinsky shlyakhetsky culture. Despite all difficulties, Leon well coped with an objective. Modern Dukorsky маентак carries on his tradition that the shlyakhetsky heritage did not sink Into oblivion. Already at gate will meet you шляхтич to the accompaniment of live music and will give a heartiest welcome with a theatrical performance, traditional played also dances, entertainments. It we will spend you on the operating workshops. Everyone шляхтич likes to surprise guests: You will rise by a high roof of "brama", will touch a 400-year oak and will visit "lodge double-dealing fellow". Kids certainly will be glad to travel between magic lodges where their favourite characters in paints will tell them fairy tales. The dry facts of the documentary chronicle will recover on your eyes and will be remembered for a long time.
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    Moving in Minsk (41 km)
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