To send a massage

Excursions sales department by Belarusian tour operator PRPUE "Automated tourism technologies" offers contact with our specialists using popular applications, services on your smartphone or computer, as well as the online messages form of the each Internet-portal pages.

1. Send a massages on phone number +37529-756-66-65

Send messages, photos, and documents the excursions sales department using popular applications. We will promptly answer your questions online accoding the office operating time from 09.00 to 19.00 (Monday - Friday).

2. Register personal cabinet

Use personal cabinet for easy viewing of all your orders at the all Internet-portals by PRPUE "Automated tourism technologies" (excursions, hotels, health resorts, farmsteads, transfer). See your orders online at any convenient time.

3. Use to access social networking

Now you don`t need to remember countless passwords, because the entrance to the personal cabinet is available through the popular social network. Login to your personal cabinet through social networks and view all your orders online.

4. Send messages from the Internet-portal

At any time you can send a message to the Excursions sales department with all your questions.