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Type: Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Vileika, Minsk region
Village Museum fermented - it is a unique place where the exhibits of antiquity, reviving the memory of the events of the past and preserved evidence of the First World War under the open sky. Guests to the museum can see the unforgettable facts of military history, the details of which were carefully hidden under the "Сlassified" for decades.

The most beautiful and a great exhibit in this unique museum, of course, it is the restored chapel of Boris and Gleb. In front of the chapel is located is small but extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the events of the First World War. Here is a collection of original objects and documents reflecting military routine. Old photographs document the long-gone days, and relate to events that took place around the ferment.

The construction of the chapel of Boris and Gleb started in 2003 with an art installation by Professor Jorg Kirshenmanna and architectural drawing Tsitovich Boris, a man who was engaged in a plan to build and just progress. He was assisted in this Belarusian architect Kaptyug.

This chapel was built in the style of wooden construction XVI centuries. It was originally conceived as a chapel for baptism, but during construction have been changed. Along with the baptism there are other Orthodox rites: wedding, Christmas and Easter services, funeral service.

It is interesting that this chapel, built on the banks of the River Narochanka attend often children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those killed in the First World War - the people who remembered the loss and suffering of their ancestors and that's where they have the opportunity to remember their dead.

Another highlight of the museum is an extensive collection of retrotehniki entitled «Molotov Drive», which collected and restored Daniel Tsitovich. It presents the Russian-wheel-drive cars 1936-1960 years. Limousines are a reminder of the NKVD times contradictory, and M21 with its showrooms in the flowers do not leave indifferent even the women. Part of the collection consists of motorcycles and bicycles. Retroavtomobili tell of bygone times, each of them has its own history, and many have participated in the filming of movies.

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    Exposure - Village Museum Zabroddzie

    1. Exposure retro technology Exhibits of retro technology, lovingly restored in the museum's own workshop. In the exhibition hall: retro cars from the period of World War II, RSC and the German Wehrmacht: cars, trucks, jeeps, buses, sleighs, military carts, airplanes. Part of the collection is made up of motorcycles and bicycles. Here are presented such rarities of 1930-1990 as ZIS-5, GAZ-67, GAZ M1, Willys, Opel Kadett, Opel Blitz.
      All retro equipment is rented, many cars participated in filming movies. Guests of the museum as passengers can ride on jeeps, sleighs, cars, motorcycles, at all stages of skating there is an opportunity to order a photo session.
    2. The exposition dedicated to the First World War Includes the Borisoglebskaya chapel, in front of which there is a unique exhibition dedicated to the First World War. The exposition of the artifacts of the war of the last century has no analogues in the CIS countries. All the exhibits presented in this first thematic museum of Belarus were meticulously and carefully collected for many years.
      The museum stores the uniform, German and Russian helmets, weapons, orders, soldier's cans, razors, flashlights, gas mask, an old typewriter. Also, there are a large number of photo documents and documents from the front line of Zabrodye, items of everyday life of soldiers and personal belongings in memory of relatives.
      Near the chapel is a train reconstructed for the train of the First World War from five wagons, in which it is also planned to exhibit an exposition devoted to military events. The thematic exposition will be an addition to the current chapel in Borisoglebsk. According to the idea, in each of the wagons of this museum on wheels there will be a separate exposition. For example, the staff car will house an exposition devoted to military operations in the country with maps and photographs of distinguished soldiers and officers.
    3. Exposition of ancient peasant life Authentic peasant houses, complete with ancient exhibits. One of the houses built in 1980 is unique in that it has been preserved in its original state to this day. The house has a living room with furniture of that time, a bed, a stove with wood, straw mattresses, canapes, a closet, musical instruments, photographs. In the kitchen there are real peasant utensils: hand tools, chests, cutlery, shovels for the oven, pots, curtains, clothes.
      Not far from the house there is a real two-century bath-house, which our ancestors used for many years and which is accessible to visit to this day.

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    Address 222417, Republic of Belarus, Minsk., Vileyka district, Zabroddzie GPS Google: 54.545389′ N, 54.545389′ E