Holidays on Lake Naroch (13 days)

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Lake Naroch... There is not a single person who has not heard of the largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Belarus. But few know that Naroch is a well-developed health resort with a large number of health resorts and recreation centers located on the picturesque shore of the lake.
Resort Naroch boasts not only magnificent panoramic views, sunsets and sandy beaches, but the presence of facilities from econom to luxury with modern treatment centers that use the latest treatment methods, diagnostics, spa programs and rituals. Fans of outdoor activities will not leave indifferent a variety of hiking and cycling in the National Park Narochansky or the promenade of the resort village of Naroch, boat trips, restaurants, shops, authentic farmsteads and much more.

Vacations on Lake Naroch are an excellent choice for those who want to improve their health and get even closer acquainted with the Belarusian culture and its traditions.

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Minsk - Ptych - Minsk - Naroch - Minsk

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13 days

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Moving in Naroch (136 km)

Check in to the health resort

Check in at one of the health resorts to choose from. Cost of the tour depends on the selected health resort.

day 4

Rest and treatment in the health resort

Days 4-13. Rest in the selected health resort according to the medical-improving or health-improving program.

Health resort Juravushka - rest accrding to health resort tour (with treatment):
  • 5 single diet meals (custom menu);
  • participation in cultural and sports events;
  • free, unlimited Wi-Fi;
  • visit to a pool in health resort Priozerny (every other day);
  • balneotherapy, 2 types (4 procedures);
  • massage, 1 view, 1 zone (6 procedures);
  • visit to the salt room (5 procedures);
  • inhalation (6 procedures);
  • drinking mineral water, 3 times a day (6 procedures);
  • herbal tea, 2 times a day (6 procedures);
  • electric therapy, 2 types (4 procedures)
  • mechanotherapy (5 procedures);
  • physiotherapy (5 procedures);
  • general practitioner consultation;
  • general analyzes (by indications).

Health resort Sputnik - rest according to health-improving tour (without treatment):
  • 5 single diet meals (custom menu);
  • participation in cultural and sports events;
  • daily visit to the fitness center;
  • daily visit to the pool;
  • daily visit to gym ;
  • free, unlimited Wi-Fi;
  • oxygen cocktail (every other day);
  • drinking mineral water.

Health resort Sosny - rest according to health-improving tour (without treatment):
  • 4 dietic meals a day (buffet);
  • participation in cultural and sports events;
  • daily access to the pool and sun room;
  • free, unlimited Wi-Fi;
  • wellness bath or spa capsule (daily);
  • mineral water drinking;
  • oxygen cocktail (daily);
  • herbal tea (daily).

day 13


Chekck out

from health resort in resort Naroch

Moving in Minsk (136 km)

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