Pinsk - a city of 9 centuries

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There are river station, cozy paved small streets, fancy lamps and refined multi-colored houses… The large factories work, people run on sidewalks, motor ships float according to river Pina even so romantic and measured mood of the city. As in the times of Bon Sforza. Yes, Bon Sfortsa was princess of Milan and queen Polish. She was the wife of the king Rechi of Pospalitoy Stefan Batory. She owned the city in the XII century. Pinsk developed rapidly by virtue of Bon Sfortsa. But the "Golden Age" of the city of Pinsk became in the XIXth century. Pinsk became the trade and craft center of the region. You will see ancient structures and temples, jesuit seminary, the palace and the underground castle.


Minsk - Pinsk - Minsk

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