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Many centuries ago there was a great state which now not to see on the world map. The name to it was Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The grand duke Mindovg based it and the capital made the city of Novogrudok. The majestic castle, was built in the city, on picturesque hills, here and the crowning of Mindovga took place. His follower at the beginning of the 14th century put a kostel in the city with the milozvuchny name of the Lead – you will get acquainted with history and the present of the grand-ducal cities during the excursion.


Minsk - Novogrudok - Lida - Minsk

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350 km


11 hours

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Bus-Walking tours


Moving in Novogrudok (155 km)


Moving in Lida (53 km)

Moving in Minsk (175 km)

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