The memorial complex Hatyn

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2'706 ₽

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1'457 ₽

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«People kind, remember: we loved life, and our Homeland, and you, expensive. We burned down live on fire. Our request to all: let the grief and grief will turn back in your courage and force that you forever could approve the world and rest on the earth. That from now on anywhere and never in a tuft of fires life died!» There are the events which value isn't subject to flight of time. The Second World War concerns them also, fire and sword carried by on our earth. She went to the past, but memory of those who feats of arms glorified Fatherland is always stored, defended it from foreign conquerors, about those who battled and survived, who died in the last ditch for the sake of life on the earth.


Minsk - Logoisk - Minsk

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120 km


04:00 hour

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Bus-Walking tours


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Moving in Logoisk (62 km)

Moving in Minsk (62 km)

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