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The general impression of the tour consists of a number of factors, one of which is an experienced professional guide, who can inspire the tourists, immerse them into the era and the events he is speaking about. It's great when the tour guide has not only good erudition, deep intellect, but also has incredible charisma, sense of humor, inner charm and irresistible desire to give information to the listener, to trigger empathy, delight and surprise.

The Internet portal offers services of certified guides, who will make your trip truly fascinating and memorable. The specialists of the excursion sales department are always responsible for choice of a guide and can choose the best guide according the theme of the trip and your wishes.

You can use the services of a guide if you do not need transport services and you decide to go on your own or corporate transport. Our guides can accompany Russian-speaking and foreign groups. We will quickly find a guide who speaks English, French, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.
The main routes with the cost of guide service are shown below. We will help you to make an individual fascinating travel program, we will find the accommodation and places for corporate events.

Excursion Cost of guide service
Minsk city tour Minsk city tour

a sightseeing tour across the capital of our country visiting main avenues, squares and sights of the hero-city

350 BYN Order guide service
Evening Minsk Evening Minsk

a sightseeing tour across Minsk in the evening illumination, when modern buildings are emphasized and ancient buildings shine with bright colours

350 BYN Order guide service
Khatyn - The Mound of Glory Khatyn - The Mound of Glory

an excursion to the memorial complex «Khatyn», which remains pain and sorrow of the Second World War, and the memorial complex «Mound of Glory», dedicated to the heroic deeds of nations

380 BYN Order guide service
Mir Castle Mir Castle

a pearl of the medieval architecture of Belarus, one of the most famous and visited sights of the country - the UNESCO World Heritage Monument Mir Castle

410 BYN Order guide service
Nesvizh Nesvizh - the capital of uncrowned_kings

the city connected with the secrets of the Radziwills, their magnificent Nesvizh palace and park ensemble and the unique Farny Church with a necropolis-crypt

410 BYN Order guide service
Mir - Nesvizh Mir - Nesvizh

the most famous in Belarus UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace

480 BYN Order guide service
Stalin line Ancient Zaslavl - Stalin line

Ancient Zaslavl, associated with the Polotsk princess Rogneda and her son Izyaslav, and the historical and cultural complex «Stalin line» - a great system of fortifications during the Second World War

360 BYN Order guide service
Museum of Great Patriotic War Stalin line - the Museum of Great Patriotic War

a historical and cultural complex «Stalin line» with a military equipment and fortifications exposition, a visit to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War

360 BYN Order guide service
Dudutki Dudutki

getting acquaintance with the life of old farmestate, culinary legacy of our ancestors with tasting and master classes of traditional crafts

350BYN Order guide service
Brest fortress - Belovezhskaya puscha Brest fortress - Belovezhskaya puscha

an exсursion to Brest fortress, describing the history of the terrible first days of the war, and the national park Belovezhskaya puscha with powerful bison

550 BYN Order guide service
Slonim Zhirovichi Synkovichi Slonim - Zhirovichi - Synkovichi

an acquaintance with the main Orthodox temples of Belarus - visiting the largest at the territory of Belarus Orthodox monastery with a healing font

480 BYN Order guide service
Exсursion Belarusian mosaic Belarusian mosaic

the main religious sights of the Western Belarus and the Palace and park ensemble of Oginsky

540 BYN Order guide service
Grodno - city of the Lithuanian princes and kings of Poland Grodno - city of the Lithuanian princes and kings of Poland

a sightseeing tour in the most beautiful city Grodno with a rich history - the residence of Lithuanian princes and kings of Poland

550 BYN Order guide service
History Park Sula History Park Sula - Rubiazevicy

Manor and park complex Sula - the elite center of cultural and secular life of the XVIII century, acquaintance with the sights of Rubiazevicy

370 BYN Order guide service
Polotsk Polotsk

the most ancient city in the Republic of Belarus, a visit to the St. Sophia Cathedral and The Savior and St Euphrosyne Convent, where the relics of Euphrosyne are saved

530 BYN Order guide service
Borisov Borisov, Berezina, Studenka in 1812 year

memorable places dedicated to the battles of the Russo-French War in 1812, where the fate of all Europe was decided

480 BYN Order guide service
Vitebsk - Zdravnevo Vitebsk - Zdravnevo

Vitebsk city tour, the cultural capital of Belarus, and acquaintance with the work of the outstanding artists M. Shagal and I. Repin

520 BYN Order guide service
Turov - Lyaskovichy Turov - Lyaskovichy

Turov city tour - the largest cultural and religious center of the Eastern Slavs, a center of literature and chronicles, visit the Musem of Nature in Lyaskovichy

540 BYN Order guide service
Mogilev - Bujnichi field Mogilev - Bujnichi field

an excursion to the magnificent Mogilev city with a visit to the memorial complex Bujnichi field, dedicated to all defenders of the city during the Great Patriotic War

550 BYN Order guide service
Gomel Gomel

Gomel city tour, visiting thу Residence of Rumyantsev-Paskevich with amazing halls and the richest collections of values

550 BYN Order guide service

The cost includes guide service on russian language only. Excursion service at the sights, entrance tickets and other are paid extra and depend on the number of persons in a group.

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