Jagiello wedding at Lida Castle

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Jagiello wedding at Lida Castle Exaltation of the Cross church in Lida Lida district centers of crafts and traditional culture of «Spadchina» Lidа castle
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We will go straight in the XVth century on the wedding of 16-year-old Sofya Golshanskaya and the 73-year-old Polish king Yagaylo. When Yagaylo stayed with the Drutsky prince, he has noticed two of his nieces - Vasilisa and Sofya - Andrey Golshansky's daughters. After a lunch the king said: «I had three wives and they haven't given descendants to me. To continue a royal sort there is nobody. Marry off to me at the prince Golshansky Jr., Sofia. She sorts Lithuanian and, maybe, God will take pity». After short negotiations the king has got married to Sofya Golshanskaya in Novogrudok. Young guests spend several days at a table and, in transit from Novogrudk on Sofya's crowning to Krakow, have visited the Lidsky castle.


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