Lida district centers of crafts and traditional culture of «Spadchina»

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pottery and ceramics pottery (dishes), murals, pottery made ​​on the potter's wheel and hand are as ancient artifacts and contemporary works by master potter.

weaving clothes, handbrake, postilki, table cloths, belts, products made in the style of hand-weaving and loom are works both old and made ​​the modern master of the Center. Work on the reconstruction of the national costume Ponemonya.

embroidery handbrake, shirts, tablecloths, panels, products made on a natural linen or cotton-based and cross stitch.

wood processing agricultural use of household items, household items (кrosno, cups, tubs, etc.), furniture, statues. Products are hand transferred to the Museum Fund of Lida masters.

wickerwork home use items, items made salomopleteniya in the art, as well as vines in the conventional manner.

crocheting tablecloths, lace napkins. Products made ​​in the technique of crochet cotton thread and natural, manual handling, linen fabrics.

vybivanka panels in the traditional technique of cutting out paper on various subjects, as well as traditional Novogrudskaya vybivanki.

patchwork casting suits, blankets, carpets. Products are made in a mosaic type casting, are a great example of a combination of different colors and textures.

Belarusian House device rural housing, household items, which were in every peasant house.

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Individual and corporate excursions - Lida district centers of crafts and traditional culture of «Spadchina»

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