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Chausy district historical- ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 9 Location: Chausy, Mogilev region

Chausy district historical-ethnographic museum was founded in April 1990 year by the decision of the Ministry of Culture and the Culture Department of the Mogilev District Executive Committee. Since 1993, the museum housed in a building built before the Revolution in 1902. May 7, 1996 the museum welcomed its first visitors.

The exhibition area museum premises of 334 m2, the total number of museum objects are 10 365, of which the main fund 3 809, 6 556 auxiliary science.

The museum is carried out research work: expeditions to villages of Chaussy District, training of scientific references for the collections, the completion of the new previously unknown facts and events from the history of Chaussy District, preparation of historical references about known and famous countrymen, the significant events and periods in the development of the district. Service is provided for the honeymooners on the wedding day - wedding ceremonies, traditions and omens, video in the museum exhibition.

Photo - Chausy district historical- ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Chausy district historical- ethnographic museum

    1. Nature of Chaussy District exhibited the stuffed animals, birds and their nests, the diorama "The Forest"
    2. The underwater world of our rivers a model of the "Aquarium", stuffed river birds, their nests, photos, pictures
    3. Nature and ecology biogroup "The wolf and deer", stuffed animals and birds, plants herbarium
    4. Archaeological sites of Chaussy District exhibited stone axes, flint scrapers, retouched plate, beaters, cores, coins, fragments of pottery ceramics, rushniki, stained-glass window with the emblem of St. Martin
    5. Ethnography of Chaussy District presented the model with household items and ethnography: pusher, a spinning wheel, a stupa, trough, plow, tubs, dezhki, rocker, millstone. Exposed the panorama "City Chausy. Late XIX century". Mannequins "Plowman", "Peasant girl in the Belarusian clothes", stained-glass windows "Chasing" (XIII-XIV centuries), "Emblem of Chaussy".
    6. The participants of the Revolution and the Civil War photocopies, copies of documents, maps, newspapers, models, photomontages, bas-reliefs, stained-glass window "Hammer and Sickle", pictures
    7. Great Patriotic War exhibited a schematic map, photocopy, the original documents, anniversary medals, helmets of Soviet and German soldiers, panorama "The War", a model of partisan dugout, stained-glass window "Red Star"
    8. Liberation of Chaussy District includes photographs, books, sculpture, diorama "The breakthrough in the German defense in Budino, Chaussy district, Mogilev region, the medals "For Military Merit", "For Bravery", "Order of Victory", "The Order of the Patriotic War"
    9. Postwar development of Chaussy District photocopies of exhibits, books, certificates, diplomas, certificates, pennants, pictures, busts

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    Address 213206, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Chausy, st. Sovetskaja, 1 GPS Google: 53.808533′ N, 53.808533′ E