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United ethnographic museum of the Mozyr regional executive committee culture department

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 8 Location: Mozyr, Gomel region

Mozyrsky Local History Museum was founded June 18, 1948 decision of the number 618 Polesski Regional Council of People's Deputies, opened November 7, 1949 Beginning in the 1960s. Museum exhibition area is completely lost, and only in 1984, the exhibition activity recovered - was built exhibition hall. The revival of the museum tradition started in the early 1990s. From this period to the present exposure and open new branches. Mozyrsky combined museum - a museum of regional identity, it acts as a center of regional and ethnographic research, is implementing a comprehensive program for the development of a new cultural environment. The museum exposition of the nature and archeology edge of military glory of soldiers-internationalists. As branches it includes: exhibition hall, arts and decorated historic center "Mozyrsky Castle", a museum of folk culture Mozyrschiny "Paleskaya veda", museum-workshop of ceramic artist N.N. Pushkar, the Museum of Partisan Glory in the village Romanivka. The museum is housed in seven buildings with a total area of 1,505.69 m2 demonstration and has 8 permanent and 2 temporary traveling exhibitions. The total number of museum objects is 47019, of which the main fund is 27969, scientific auxiliary is 19050.

Of cultural events from December 20 to January 6 held a theatrical performance with games and competitions Residence brothers of Santa Clauses in the historic center "Mozyrsky Castle", which participants are children and their parents (runs 3 times a day). May 18 passes "Night at the Museum" with a variety of options. In the "Mozyrsk castle" commissioned for the newlyweds held a theatrical performance "Council and love" (Prince and Princess conduct various competitions for the newlyweds and guests) as well as a large number of museum lessons on various topics, events on Independence Day, City Day, May 1 , May 9. In the historic cent "Mozyrsky Castle" buy souvenirs. Each department and a branch of the museum conducts research on specific topics in the museum, a project of ethno-cultural study Mozyrschiny "Ways A.K. Serzhputovskogo" (conducting expeditions in local areas Mozyrschiny). Also held scientific and practical conference workshops.

Department of Museum of Folk Culture Mozyrschiny "Polesskaya veda" allows you to touch to the spiritual heritage left to us from our ancestors, our genetic memory, which stores the desired domain Polessie culture that brought up and educated inhabitants of these places, inspired by creative pursuits than one generation of scientists ethnographers have helped develop the poetic talent of Belarusian poets. The museum is located at Mozyr, Komsomolskaya, st. 15.

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    Exposure - United ethnographic museum of the Mozyr regional executive committee culture department

    1. museum of Folk Culture Mozyrschiny ”Woodland veda” museum is called "Woodland Veda" (by analogy with the ancient Aryan «veda» - Veda that zachit "knowledge"). And under this name refers to the entire system of practical, mythology, folklore and astrological knowledge of the world and human existence in it, which was typical for that separate and unique space of human culture, which is Poles'e.
    2. museum-workshop of ceramic artist N.N. Pushkar represented by small decorative sculpture. In his compositions, the artist has recreated images of the inhabitants of the Belarusian Polessye with all the vicissitudes of their existence, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. His work has lead us into the Polessye, the world of legends, songs, fairy tales, legends, and embody the human characters in the past.
    3. exhibition covers the history of the edges with the late Paleolithic age to the XVIII century. It presents the subject of hunting, fishing, life, and women's jewelry: temporal rings, bracelets, etc.
    4. exposition reveals three major themes: "Geology", "Flora and Fauna", "Ecology, protection of the environment". Presents a collection of butterflies, birds' eggs, stuffed animals and birds.
    5. hall of fame combat soldiers-internationalists exhibition tells about people Mozyrschiny involved in the war in Afghanistan. Includes photographs, documents, uniforms and personal belongings.
    6. organized monthly art exhibitions for Belarusian and foreign artists.
    7. ”Mozyrsky Castle” historic center offers a journey into the medieval past of Mozyr. Guests will be greeted iridescent owners of the castle - "prince" from "princess" and hold on to their possessions. At the castle to tourists there working various exhibitions, viewing platforms exposure "Armoury" and "Hunting" towers. On the territory of the historic center "Mozyrsky Castle" is a chapel-museum of the Transfiguration (is functioning church).
    8. Museum of Partisan Glory in the village Romanivka exhibition shows the history of the guerrilla movement in Mozyrschine during the Great Patriotic War. The village is situated in a forest based guerrilla army of Alexander Nevsky. The exhibition features photographs, documents and personal belongings of participants in those events.

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    Address 247760, Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Mozyr, Gora Communars st., 8 GPS Google: 52.047791′ N, 52.047791′ E