Maslenitsa fest in the Sula History Park

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The Grand Duchy of Sula has prepared a new author's program for its guests - big and small!
A bright and entertaining quest "Pancake Fun in Sule" awaits you, which will plunge you headlong into the magic, trials and traditions associated with the meeting of spring.
From February 15 to March 5, guests of Sula will plunge into the atmosphere of the traditional spring holiday - Maslenitsa.
At the beginning of the Maslenitsa quest program, you will meet with musicians and cheerful buffoons, and then an exciting journey during which you will pass the test and become a participant in the struggle between the forces of nature of Winter and Spring.
Each point of the quest is an immersion in rituals and ancient traditions.
You are waiting for entertaining games, tasks that will help you unravel the mystery associated with the coming of Spring.
At the end of the quest, we invite all the children to a treat with pancakes, and adults - a compliment in the form of the original branded drink "Starka Zapolskaya".



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