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Location - Sula

Sula is a village located in the Stolbtsy district of the Minsk region.

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History of the development - Sula

For centuries the Sula lands have been glorified by the names of their owners: Stefan Batory, Vishnevetsky, Radzivils and finally Lensky, the fame of which still lives in the memories of the residents of the village of Sula and in its main attraction - the estate of Lensky in the village of Sula.

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Tourism potential - Sula

Pansky maentak «Sula» - a three hundred year old park with strange plants that were once brought from distant countries, a picturesque pond with paved stone paths and forged benches.

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Individual and corporate excursions - Sula

Location map - Sula

GPS Google: 53.742879′ N, 26.876577′ E