Kobrin - ostrich farm

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5'377 ₽

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2'818 ₽

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Belarus - the country filled with places very remarkable. Each city or the town - the page of one big history. On the river bank Mukhovets, already more than 700 years, keeps the chronicle Kobrin. In her both the most ancient park of Belarus, and the only complete set of an armor medieval, and Suvorov's house with a unique exposition. Having studied the historical past of the city - we will go to miracles of the nature and fauna. In the suburbs the ostrich's farm, largest in the CIS, is located, on it there live the largest birds - the African ostriches.


Minsk - Kobrin - Minsk

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630 km


16:00 hour

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Ecological, For schoolchildren


Bus-Walking tours


Gathering the group

Moving in Kobrin (300 km)


Moving in Kozische (30 km)

Moving in Minsk (300 km)

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