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The population: 26 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 26 Minsk region, Myadel district

Location - Shemetovo

Shemetovo - a village in Myadel district of Minsk region. It is included in the Zanarochsky village council. Shemetovo is located in 10 km east of the village Svir and 25 km south-west of the center of Myadel. Near the village flows the river Big Perekop (Malinovka), which flows into Lake Svir. South of the village passes the road Zanaroch - Svir - Lyntupy.

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History of the development - Shemetovo

The estate (folvarok) Shemetovo since ancient times belonged to the wealthy family Shemetov.
In 1830, on the lands of the Shemetovo, a national-liberation uprising broke out, which was brutally suppressed by the tsarist troops.
In 1861, the estate belonged to the landowner Skirmuntova.
In 1864, the Shemetovsky National School was opened.
During World War I, Shemetovo was on the German side of the front line.
On New Year's Eve in 1942, the manor house in Shemetovo was burned down by Soviet partisans. During the attack, 19 civilians were killed, including the last mistress of the estate, Gabriela Skirmunt.

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Tourism potential - Shemetovo

The farmstead in Shemetovo - the monument of the manor-house of the manor-park of Shemetovo - the monument of park-architecture, one of the most ancient farmstead in Belarus.

Church of Vergin Maria in Shemetovo - architectural monument of classicism. The stone church was founded at the end of the ХVIII century by the Sulistrovskys, completed at the beginning of the ХIХ century by the Skyrmunt. In 1902, the temple was expanded and decorated.

Distillery plant was built by Boleslaw Skirmunt at the beginning of the XX century. The ruins of the side brick facade and basement of rubble are preserved from the building.

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Location map - Shemetovo

GPS Google: 53.909946′ N, 28.063076′ E