Excursions with animation in Belarus

Belarusian excursion Internet portal Ekskursii.by offers excursions across Belarus with animation. This type of excursions is accompanied by theatrical performances, thanks to which the revived pages of the legendary past will appear before the eyes of the excursionists! Such a tour in addition to inspection of attractions and visits to iconic places, includes a costumed show program, thematically linked to the main line of the tour. You can see a real jousting tournament, or a royal feast, drink a glass of moonshine by the fire with partisans or champagne with soldiers of Napoleon’s army. You can help the prince escape from the dungeons of the castle or try yourself as an apprentice of blacksmith.

In addition to the spectacular show and fascinating excursion, you will have the opportunity to train in archery or crossbow shooting (musket, cannon), throwing spears. Medieval games, performances of musicians and dancers, fitting knightly armor for a photo shoot and much more are awaiting for you.


Minsk and Minsk region

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Brest and Brest region

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Vitebsk and Vitebsk region

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Grodno and Grodno region

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Mogilev and Mogilev region

  • City of masters in Mogilev

    City of masters provides visitors with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the way of life of Belarusian artisans of the XIX century and includes the house and workshop of a baker, potter, carpenter, blacksmith, master of embroidery and weaving from straw.

    Animation can be included in the following excursions:
  • So yes – it is Bobruisk

    Excursion participants will get acquainted with the history and color of the city and Bobruisk fortress. Based on historical facts, a theatrical attraction is held, during which the pictures of the history of the fortress, regiments located here with the participation of the living characters of the townspeople of the Jews of the old Bobruisk are recreated.

    Animation can be included in the following excursions:

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You can get advice on organizing excursions with animation in the following ways:

  1. from the page of your order;
  2. by phone (+37529) 756-66-65, sending a message to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype;
  3. by phone (+37517) 394-49-13 (multichannel);
  4. by fax (+37517) 394-59-09;
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If you did not find a suitable option among the proposed options, send us a request for organizing the excursion, indicate your wishes for the trip, within 24 hours our specialists will send you offers.

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