Belovezhskaya Pushcha

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per person

* price for an individual excursion in a group of 7 people

5'935 ₽

* price for a corporate excursion in a group of 19 people

3'197 ₽

The cost of excursions is approved in Belarusian rubles and when paying in other currencies the final cost may differ from the one indicated on the site depending on the exchange rate of the card issuing bank (MIR, Visa, Mastercard).

Included in the price of the excursion:

  • certified guide services
  • transport services


The reserved wood – the untouched nature, surprising animal and flora. Bialowieza Forest – the oldest reserved wood of Europe entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. Tourists from around the world gather in Bialowieza Forest to inhale air of the century wood, to see majestic bisons, wild horses, a red deer and a roe, bears and other animals – not only in open-air cages, but also in the wood, during walk on a reserved track.

Excursion type



750 km


14:00 hour

Language of training


Excursion subject

Ecological, For schoolchildren


Bus-Walking tours


Gathering the group

Moving in Kamenets (350 km)

Moving in Kamenyuki Belovezhskaya puscha (21 km)


Moving in Minsk (370 km)

The end of the tour

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