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The population: 8.3 thousand. Status: Average The year of foundation: 1276 Brest region, Kamenets district

Location - Kamenets

Kamenets is the administrative center of the Kamenets district of the Brest region. It is located 40 km north of Brest and covers an area of 1.8 thousand km². It borders with Poland.

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History of the development - Kamenets

Founded by Volyn Prince Vladimir Vasilkovich in 1276. A settlement was established, reinforced by a moat and rampart, with a 30-meter tower.
In 1289, Kamenets was destroyed by Drogichin Prince Yuri Lvovich. Since 1366, it was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, belonged to the princes Keistut, Vitovt, Janusz Mazowiecki, Jagaila. In 1376, the city was burned by the crusaders.
Since 1413 - the center of the district. In 1503, the city received Magdeburg Law and its own coat of arms.
In 1795 was annexed by Russia. Before the revolution, Kamenets was part of the Brest district of the Grodno province.
Since April 14, 1921, it was part of Poland according to the results of the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921, after the end of the Soviet-Polish War.
With the accession of Western Belarus to the USSR on November 2, 1939, Kamenets became part of the BSSR.
On June 24, 1983 Kamenets received the status of a city. reveal all text

Tourism potential - Kamenets

From whatever direction they approach Kamenets, always the first silhouette of the city is brick red «Kamenets Tower» in the walls of which museum is now located. Very close to the tower is soaring up Holy Simeon Church, which was built in 1912-1914 on a high hill according to the project of the architect V.A. Sroka. Nearby Kamenets State Gymnasium is located. Another attraction of the city - Kamenets Church of Peter and Paul. reveal all text

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GPS Google: 52.4012680′ N, 23.8167285′ E