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Inner porch Every corner of the rural house previously had its functional features. In the Inner porch a stupa and millstones stood, cereals and flour were prepared to eat.

Red Corner The Corner where the Christian icons were located. Under the icons always was a deja (small drum) for kneading bread. Here were benches, a table. On the table bread always lay - the staple food.

Woman”s Corner In "Woman's Corner" - in the kitchen, there were everything needed for cooking and everyday women's work: the pail, churns, various kitchen utensils, etc.

Sleeping corner There are a loft, cradle in the sleeping corner. In cold season, a favorite place for children and adults became the stove.

Men”s crafts There was a division into "male" and "female" jobs and crafts at the house of "Pushcha" resident. Men made devices for hunting and fishing gear, wooden and metal utensils, hunted, curry skins, sewn shoes and jackets.

Women”s crafts As women's craft spinning, weaving, needlework, etc. were considered

Pristenok Puscha resident "bins", a place to store food, some utensils.

Outdoors outbuildings for pets, forges, "moonshine brewery", sheds for artisans (display an artisan workshops typical for the location), etc.

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Administration 08.00 - 17.00 weekend Saturday, Sunday

Cash 09:00 - 18:00 without days off

Exposure 09:00 - 17:00 weekend Monday, Tuesday

Individual and corporate excursions - Museum of Folk Life and ancient technologies

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225063, Brest region, Kamenets district, Kamenyuki, ”NP ”Bialowieza Forest”

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