10 reasons to visit Minsk region

The most visited city in Belarus is the capital of our republic – Minsk city. And this is due not only to the fact that this is the capital, – in Minsk thereis really a lot to see. The city is rich in historical monuments, beautiful buildings of different eras, modern shopping centers and places for recreation. However, to know our country, You should go beyond the ring road.

Minsk region is full of intriguing places, surprising for its scope and fascinating stories. Among them are castle complexes, farmstead of famous families of Belarus, natural attractions and much more. And in order to make the choice easier, we present 10 reasons to visit Minsk region, which will help you get closer to the life of the Belarusians.

  • The city of Minsk and its main sights.

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Nesvizh Palace.

  • To touch the history of the Great Patriotic War.

  • See how Belarusians used to live.

  • Visit a real ski resort.

  • See the only upside down house in Belarus.

  • Visit the city of smugglers and casinos.

  • Get acquainted with the unique nature of the National Park.

  • Visit majestic temples.

  • Ride on a giant dump truck.

  • Город Минск
  • Nesvizh Palace
  • Glory Mound
  • Ethnocultural complex Dudutki
  • Ski center Silichi
  • Dukorsky maentak
  • City of Rakov
  • Naroch National Park
  • Temples of Belarus
  • Giant dump truck BELAZ
  • Reason №1 – The city of Minsk and its main attractions.

    Skip Minsk is impossible, because the main attractions are concentrated here. The Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kupalovsky Theatre, Trinity Suburb and Minsk City Hall are definitely worth seeing and visiting. One of the most beautiful and attractive places is Upper Town, where the historical center of Minsk. One cannot ignore the miracle in the form of a diamond – The National Library, which surprises not only in form but also in content. Also here, each guest is waiting for numerous museums, exhibitions, entertainment and shopping centers, picturesque landscaped parks, beautiful clean streets and good-natured residents.

  • Reason №2 – Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Nesvizh Palace.

    The Nesvizh Palace and Park Complex with diverse architecture and a huge park is one of those places that the people of Belarus are proud of. This historical building is known far beyond the borders of Belarus. The Nesvizh Palace in the first half of the 16th century belonged to the Radziwill family, one of the richest in Europe. Over the centuries, the castle was rebuilt many times, so it became like a palace, which combines many architectural styles: baroque, rococo, classicism, renaissance. Inside you can see the atmosphere of the past centuries, specialized exhibitions, festivals of knightly art, balls and concerts are often held here. It will also be possible to stay overnight in the castle and see the ghost of the «black lady of Nesvizh».

  • Reason number №3 – Touch the history of the Great Patriotic War.

    The Great Patriotic War took place throughout Belarus, and there was not a single family which this tragedy would not have touched. Today, Belarusians honor and remember the events of those times, which is reflected in the presence of many memorable places here. Mound of Glory, a historical and cultural complex «Stalin Line», memorial complex «Khatyn» and the Ecotourism Center Stankovo. In each of them, guests are immersed in that atmosphere, they can get acquainted with the life of partisans, underground workers, members of the Red Army.

  • Reason №4 – To see how Belarusians used to live.

    Today you can see and literally touch the traditional life of Belarusians not far from Minsk: the museum Dudutki, Museum of Folk Architecture and Life «Strochitsy» in Ozertso village and History Park Sula are ready to provide this opportunity to everyone. Here you will see the houses of the Belarusian inhabitants of past centuries, get acquainted with traditional occupations, such as pottery or weaving. You can also taste national cuisine there if you visit the local tavern. And in the Sula Park you can even ride a real dragon.

  • Reason №5 – To visit a real ski resort.

    Paradoxically, there are no mountains in Belarus, but there are ski resorts that have little to do with inferior to European ones. Silichi, Logoisk and Raubichi awaits guests every year. There is a whole range of winter recreation services and a well-developed infrastructure for year-round leisure: karting, tennis courts, ATVs, paintball and much more. And here you can have a delicious meal and stay in a cozy room. And all this at quite reasonable prices, which are incomparable with far abroad.

  • Reason №6 – To see the only upside down house in Belarus.

    The Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus is famous for its unusual places that make the mind turn over, and impressions will last for a long time. One of the most attractive places is Dukorsky Maentak is a museum complex where the gentry life of an old estate intertwined in a special way with the ordinary life of a person. Here is the only upside down house in the country, where the vestibular apparatus of each person will feel the whole gamut of emotions.

  • Reason №7 – Visit the city of smugglers and casinos.

    Surprisingly, today's quiet small town Rakov used to be famous for its entertainment venues, and smugglers and spies liked to visit it more. Historically, the city was on the border of two states, which led to such a line of development. Walk through the streets that once looked more like «red light streets» and were filled with casinos and restaurants, today a great option to immerse yourself in the history of the border town.

  • Reason №8 – Get to know the unique nature of the National Park «Narochansky».

    National Park Narochansky is the largest resort region of Belarus, 17% of the territory of which is occupied by lakes, including the largest lake in Belarus Naroch and dozens of amazingly beautiful and natural glacial lakes. Here you can have a great rest from the bustle of the city, see unique plants and animals, swim in the clear water of the lakes. It is worth adding that the infrastructure is well developed in this place: everyone can find a place to relax to their liking.

  • Reason №9 – Visit majestic temples.

    Belarus is famous for its temples, and here you can find representatives of various religions. The Church of the Virgin Mary in Budslav – the largest Catholic church in the country, the church of St. Michael the Archangel in Ivyanets, which is part of the architectural ensemble of the Franciscan monastery. Among Orthodox churches, The Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Zaslavl, which is directly connected with the famous Ragneda, Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov and the church in Minsk.

  • Reason №10 – Ride a giant dump truck.

    Belarusian Automobile Plant offers to see the biggest cars in the world – BELAZ, located in the city of Zhodino. BELAZ is one of the world's largest manufacturers of mining equipment. And his largest dump truck is the Guinness Book of Records record holder! Here, everyone will be able to visit one of the assembly shops of the plant, take impressive photos against the backdrop of the legendary car, and also feel all its power, climbing onto the car itself.

  • Reason №1
    The city of Minsk and its main attractions.

  • Reason №2
    Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Nesvizh Palace.

  • Reason №3
    To touch the history of the Great Patriotic War.

  • Reason №4
    See how Belarusians used to live.

  • Reason №5
    Visit a real ski resort.

  • Reason №6
    To see the only inverted one in Belarus. home

  • Reason №7
    Visit the city of smugglers and casinos.

  • Reason №8
    Get to know the unique nature of the National Park.

  • Reason №9
    Visit majestic temples.

  • Reason №10
    Ride a giant dump truck.

Minsk region give the opportunity for every tourist to enjoy all sides of the life of the Belarusians, to touch the unique nature and try yourself in different roles. Wide choice of areas, a variety of activities can satisfy the desires of even the most demanding tourist.
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