Trinitarians (from lat. Ordo Sanctissimae Trinitatis The Order of the Holy Trinity) - catholic order of mendicant friars, founded in 1198 to redeem Christian captives from muslim captivity, as well as care for the sick and poor. Tools for buyout trinitarians extracted collecting alms. Often trinitarians gave themselves into slavery to free the captives. Order received name of «de la Trinite» at the beginning had very strict regulations, eat meat and fish, as well as ride horses and own property. In the vulgar call them «ass Order» (ordo asinorum), since they moved exclusively to donkeys and mules.

In France, the order spread rapidly thanks to the support of king Philip II Augustus, and in the XVII century located in Italy, Spain and  Poland (Vitebsk, Orsha, Krivichi, Vilnius). During the Reformation in Germany, in France period of revolution of 1789 the activities of the order has been banned. Modern trinitarians continue to fulfill its mission, for example, support the program of assistance to refugees from Sudan. Missionary organization Trinitarian acts in Madagascar

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