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Type: Historical The exhibition: 6 Location: Rossony, Vitebsk region

Rossony Museum combat cooperation open July 4, 1981. During the Great Patriotic War on Rossony second act - partisan - front. Russian, Belarusian, Latvians, Lithuanians - combined forces applied to the fascist invaders crushing blows. Here in the vast area formed Fraternal partisan edge.

Friendship Russian, Belarusian, Latvian and Lithuanian peoples has deep historical roots. About this friendship tell the Museum of fighting commonwealth. Materials and documents are introduced to the exploits of Soviet soldiers in defensive battles in the north-west of Belarus, with the heroic episodes of the Battle of Moscow, on the Volga, at Kursk and Orel, during the liberation of our country and enslaved peoples of Europe from the Nazis, members of whom were natives of Rosson area.

The museum is the center of military-patriotic and international education. Excursions in the museum and places fighting Soviet soldiers and partisans, talks, lectures, theme parties - these are the forms of its mass work. Identification and collection of relics of the heroic past of the edge is ongoing. The museum houses more than 10,000 documents and objects of museum value. The exhibition is located in 13 halls. A separate room is dedicated to a prominent party and government leaders to the Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor PM Masherova. Near the entrance to the building is an exhibition of heavy weapons of the Red Army during World War II. The decoration of the museum by the artist V.K Chuglazovym.

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    Exposure - Rosony Museum combat cooperation

    1. Glove Fund houseware wartime, clothing, musical instruments, flags, household equipment, clothes, textile products, cutlery, medical instruments, ceramics
    2. Documents personal papers of soldiers, guerrillas, residents of the area, books, posters, personal letters, newspapers, leaflets, manuscripts
    3. Visual Arts paintings, drawings, sculpture, postcards, paintings, drawings
    4. Numismatics orders, medals, badges, banknotes (coins)
    5. Weapons arms fire during the Great Patriotic War
    6. Documentary photographs personal photographs of soldiers and partisans, honored residents of the area, some pictures of historical events

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    Address 211471 Belarus, Vitebsk region, Rasony, Soviet str., 10a GPS Google: 55.905285′ N, 55.905285′ E