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House-Museum of Eliza Ozheshko

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Type: Personal The exhibition: 2 Location: Grodno, Grodno region

House of Eliza Ozheshko in Grodno is created in the House of the writer, where she lived from 1894 to 1910 years. In the House are placed Juniors Division and Division publications in foreign languages GUK "Grodno Regional Library named after E.F.Karski." In 1967, in the reading room of the Youth branch was established exhibition dedicated to the life and Eliza Ozheshko creativity. In 2001, in the rooms where during the life of the writer housed an office and lounge were recreated interiors of the surviving photographs. rooms are furnished furniture and Eliza Ozheshko era. Of the surviving original items Here are a fireplace and mirror, herbaria, made ​​the most Ozheshko, lifetime Photos and book writer. The house also preserved the original wooden elements of the entrance vestibule and balcony railings. In March 2009, after the reconstruction of the house, the rooms were reopened to the public visits. Display area halls is 34.1 sq. m. The main fund of the museum consists of 70 items.

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    Exposure - House-Museum of Eliza Ozheshko

    1. Аuthoress lounge Small interior cabin reconstructed from the surviving photos. There are paintings, original stones and mirror Eliza Ozheshko, original filing Weekly (1881), newspaper "Tygodnik ilustrowany" (1907), cabinet 19. The total number of exhibits 35 units.
    2. Аuthoress сabinet authoress сabinet and furnishings (furniture, desk accessories, 18-19 cc.) reconstructed from the surviving photos. The total number of exhibits has 35 units. Visitors can view the submitted portraits, herbaria, lifetime editions and photo Eliza Ozheshko.

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    Address 230023 Republic of Belarus, Grodno, Eliza Ozheshko Street , 17 GPS Google: 53.685678′ N, 53.685678′ E