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Uzda historical- ethnographic museum was founded Feb. 6, 1981, opened to the public November 1, 1986. The total area of the museum is 1200 m². The museum has 6 exhibition halls in the museum hosted "Shed potter", which fully reflects the life of the nineteenth century. For visitors to organize excursions, lectures, themed evenings, meetings with leaders of science and culture, the participants of the Great Patriotic War, the craftsmen. Significant place in the museum exhibit takes work. Documentary photo exhibition and exhibits on display in many communities of the district, schools, and institutions. Museum collection material is used not only in the cultural and educational purposes, it serves as a valuable resource for research.


Uzdenschina from ancient times to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War materials on the history of primitive society can imagine the life of our ancestors. Special attention attracts the collection of stone tools found in the excavations of burial sites and ancient people, as well as randomly found in the fields and the banks of ponds, which allows to trace the development and the specificity of these items over several eras. The museum has a rich collection of material that characterizes the life of the district, craft, manufactories, education, and culture of the time.

Uzdenschina during the Great Patriotic War mmogochislennye museum materials related to the theme "The Great Patriotic War." This leaflets, documents, weapons, military awards, letters from the front, personal belongings managers and participants of the Great Patriotic War. They allow you to clearly see the key stages of the war: the underground, the guerrilla movement, the liberation of district from the Nazi invaders.

Ethnography and Life in the "People's іskusstvo" demonstriruyutstsa product masters Goncharsky Kowalski and crafts, weaving and embroidery, woodcarving, weaving a rich collection of clay toys.

Nature Uzdensk district acquaintance with the flora and fauna of his native land, there are exhibited some type species of flora and fauna. The powerful owner of the forest - a bear, wolf, beaver, muskrat, a variety of bird species - a long time remain in the hearts of young and adult visitors of the museum.

Honored literature, science and art the museum is concentrated wealth of material about writers, scientists, distinguished cultural figures - Uzdenschiny natives. Attracted the attention of many artists.

Exhibitions of various themes on display in the exhibition hall of the exhibition on various subjects from their own funds and funds from other museums and private collections, the works of artists Uzdenschiny natives and the Union of Artists of the Republic of Belarus. Systematically demonstrates how to show "Saved Values" (a collection of icons of XIX century). Neither show has not gone unnoticed residents.

”Potter”s House” visit the exposure to plunge in the XIX century.

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Administration 09:00 - 18:00 weekend Monday

Cash 09:00 - 18:00 weekend Monday

Exposure 09:00 - 18:00 weekend Monday

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223411, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Uzda, Shkolnaya St., 4a