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«Trostenets» is the largest Nazi death camp on the territory of Belarus, established in 1941 near Minsk. The territory of the memorial complex is 112 hectares and consists of two parts: the territory of the death camp and the Shashkovka tract, and the territory of the former Blagovshchina tract. It is the fourth concentration camp in terms of the number of victims after Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka. Having visited the memorial, it is impossible to remain indifferent to everything that happened on this earth...
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    Moving in Malyj Trostenec (13 km)
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    Attraction Memorial complex «Trostenets»
    "People, incline the heads! The extermination camp of "TROSTENETS" in which fascists have destroyed about 206000 people was in this place!". The concentration camp Trostenets became the fourth on number of the people destroyed in him after notorious Auschwitz, Treblink and Maydanek. To citizens of the Jewish nationality from Poland, Austria, Germany and Chekhoslavakiya which have been shot and burned in days of the Great Patriotic War in the Trostenets camp the memorial complex is devoted to civilians and prisoners of war from all Soviet Union. Here it is possible to see cars in which there arrived in Small Trostinets the deported Jews from all Western Europe. The steles and monuments devoted to people who were in the camp. Having visited Small Trostinets Vy you will visit lands which store tears and blood of the people who have died here up to now.
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    Moving in Minsk (13 km)
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