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Photo - Korobchicy

The population: 1 thousand. Status: Village The year of foundation: XVI век Grodno region, Grodno district

Location - Korobchicy

Korobchitsy - a village in the Grodno region, located in 5 km from Grodno. It is a part of the village council Koptevsky.

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History of the development - Korobchicy

Korobchitsy known from the XVI century as a small village in the part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania called Rostavlyany. At the end of XVIII century the village was renamed to Korobchitsy. In 1975 the village were owned by East Prussia. At the beginning of the XIX century it was the part of the Russian Empire.
In the middle of the XIX century the village bought a large landowner Sverzhbinsky. He is actively expanding its possessions and by the beginning of XX century the village area, as well as the number of inhabitants were doubled.
Two world wars did not pass the territory of the village. During the First World War, the village was under enemy occupation, and in 1919 became part of Poland. The Great Patriotic War has caused irreparable harm to the village: houses of Korobchitsy were badly damaged and looted.  
In the postwar period here was basing a farm «New Korobchitsy», from which subsequently formed the poultry farm, which exists to this day. To date Korobchitsy village has about 200 households with almost a thousand residents.

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Tourism potential - Korobchicy

It is widely known to village brought Agro-tourist complex «Garadzenski maentak Karobchytsy» - is an open-air museum in the style of an old manor of the XIX century. The complex is created by the labor of the Grodno meat-packing plant workers and now it is deservedly popular not only among Grodno residents, but also visitors from different cities of our country and abroad. Its area is 16 hectares. It features 38 objects of leisure and entertainment: guests can ride horses, see wild animals in cages, play laser tag or paintball, listen to live music, dinner in the restaurant gentry «Zamak of Zevana». For children there are many playgrounds and attratsiony.

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Individual and corporate excursions - Korobchicy