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The population: 663 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1492 Minsk region, Volozhin district

Location - Pershai

Persha is located 12 km south-east of the district center of Volozhin. The M6 highway (Minsk - Grodno) passes through the agro-town, here the road P54 (Pershai - Ivenets - Stolbtsy) branches off from it. A small river Pershayka flows through the village, which is 5 km south-west of the village and flows into Isloch. South-west of Pershai agro-town, swamp forests begin, turning into Nalibokskaya Forest.

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History of the development - Pershai

The first settlement was mentioned in 1492, since 1493 the property of the Vilna bishop Wojciech.
In 1539 Pershai had the status of a town, there existed a church and two taverns.
As a result of the second partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1793), Pershai became part of the Russian Empire.
Since 1858, the estate belonged to the Tyszkiewicz family, who built a manor in Persiah.
According to the Riga Peace Treaty (1921), Pershai became part of the inter-war Polish Republic, in Stolbtsy, and since 1926 the Volozhin district of Novogrudok voivodship.
In 1933, on the site of an old wooden Catholic church, a stone building of the temple of St. George was built.
Since 1939 as part of the BSSR.

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Tourism potential - Pershai

Church of St. George. Built in 1933, a monument of architecture.
House of Yadvigin Sh. The plate on the building says: «Belarusian writer Yadvigin Sh. (Anton Levitsky) spent his school years in this house».

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GPS Google: 54.033448′ N, 26.6796′ E