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The population: 743 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1430 Gomel region, Kalinkovichy district

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Yurovichi - the village, the center of the Yurovichsky village council of the Kalinkovichi district in Gomel region of Belarus. The village is located in 31 km from district center, 34 km from the Kalinkovichi railway station (on the Gomel-Luninets line), 92 km from Gomel, 1 km from the Yurovichi pier on the Pripyat River.

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History of the development - Yurovichi

Near the village is the parking of primitive man Yurovichi (26 thousand years ago). The remains of the sites of the early Iron Age, the late Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic kurgans from the ancient times testify to the settlement of these places from ancient times.
One of the earliest written mention refers to the years 1430-32. In 1510, King Sigismund I the Old gave «for eternity» the village of Yurovichi to his official Bogdan Serbinov.
Since 1674, the Jesuits have been active. They owned large plots of land.
In 1683, King Yang III Sobieski issued a charter, which gave the Yurovichy the rights of the town.
In 1705, Jesuit buildings burned down, and later a brick church was built on the place of a former wooden monastery. A two-story brick monastery was later attached to it.
In 1722, the ore farms of Rudnya, part of the Shareyki farm, were transferred to the Jesuits; After the 2nd partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1793) was part of the Russian Empire. In 1800, the monastery and church were transferred to the Bernardine Order.
In 1831, the church and monastery were closed, but in 1840, their activity was resumed.
In 1834 a town and village, the center of the Yurovichi parish in the Rechitsa district of the Minsk province, the possession of the Khorevichs, the estate Askerko.
The church building in 1864 was transferred to the Orthodox Church, and in 1866 it was rebuilt in the Orthodox style. In 1865, the male school was opened.
Since 1875 there was a women's school. In addition to agriculture, the townspeople and the inhabitants of the village were engaged in trade and various crafts, including pottery.
In 1905 a peasant union was created. In June 1917 the volost council was organized.
In 1928 an orphanage was opened.
In 1936 a folk choir was organized, which soon became widely known.
During the Great Patriotic War in April 1943, the partisans defeated the stronghold created here by the occupiers. In the battles near the village, 312 Soviet soldiers died (buried in a mass grave).

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Tourism potential - Yurovichi

The memory of the rich and rich history of the village of Yurovichi was preserved Jesuit College and the temple in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which were erected in 1748.

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GPS Google: 51.94299′ N, 29.524223′ E