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The population: 3.8 thousand. Status: Village The year of foundation: 1422 Brest region, Ivanovo district

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Motol - agrotown in the Ivanovo district of the Brest region of Belarus. The administrative center of the Motol village council. The village of Motol was transformed into an agrotown, while the status of the rural settlement has not changed. The ancient name of the village - Motyl.

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History of the development - Motol

The first written mention of the village dates back to 1422.
Until the beginning of the XVIth century, Motol was part of the Pinsk principality, which was part of the Troksk voivodship.
In 1812 the town was devastated by French troops.
During the 3rd partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth it became part of the Russian Empire.
In 1915 Motol is occupied by German troops.
In February 1919 Polish troops occupied the village.
In July 1920, the Red Army occupied it and established Soviet power.
In March 1921, according to the terms of the Riga Treaty, Motol again becomes part of Poland.
On September 18, 1939 a protest against the Polish authorities took place in Motol, and on September 21 the Red Army units entered the village.
On June 26, 1941 German cavalry entered Motol, Nazi power was established.
On July 16, 1944, the village was liberated by the 55th Guards Rifle Division of Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Turchinsky.

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Tourism potential - Motol

Transfiguration Church
Boris and Gleb Chapel 1986
House of the first President of Israel H. Weizman.
Jewish cemetery restored in 2004
Monument to the villagers who died during the Second World War.
Monument to the Unknown Soldier (at the cemetery).
Stone monument to the dead soldiers of the First World War (in the church, south-eastern part).
Archaeological sites of the Bronze and Stone Age.

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GPS Google: 52.313843′ N, 25.601098′ E