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Photo - Kossovo

The population: 1.9 thousand. Status: Village The year of foundation: X-XI вв Brest region, Ivacevichy district

Location - Kossovo

Kossovo - a small town located in the Ivatsevichi district of Brest region on the river Grivda. It is situated in 15 km from Ivatsevichi and in 145 km from Brest. Roads to Ruzhany, Ivatsevichi and Nekhachevo pass through the town. The Kossovo-Polesskoe railway station (line Brest - Baranovichi) is 13 km away.

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History of the development - Kossovo

The first settlements on the territory of Kossovo emerged in the X — XI centuries. In written archival documents, it was first mentioned in 1494 in the letter of the Grand Duke Alexander, who presented the settlement to Marshal Khrapitovich.
In 1510, Kossovo became the district center. At this time in the town there were numerous trades and fairs, the population was rapidly increasing.
In 1795, as a result of the third division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the territory of the town became part of the Russian Empire. By the end of the XIX century, there were more than 3 000 inhabitants, a village folk school, a medical center and 4 steam mills.
From 1915 to 1918, Kossovo was under German occupation. At the same time in the suburbs was a narrow-gauge railway. In the interwar period, according to the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921, the town became part of Poland as the center of povet. And in 1939 he became part of the Byelorussian USSR.
During the Great Patriotic War, a German ghetto was organized on the territory of Kossov.
From September 20, 1947, the town is part of the Ivatsevichi District.

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Tourism potential - Kossovo

The main sight of the town is Kossovo Castle, which were built here in 1838 by decree of landowner Casimir Puslovsky. During the First World War, Kossovo Castle was looted and partially destroyed. To date, only the walls of the palace have been preserved. In 2008, its restoration was started.
Another important attraction of the town is T.Kostiushko homestead, in which Tadeusz Kosciusko was born in 1746. Here he spent his first years of life. From the original estate only the foundations and the basement remained. Building was restored in 2004.
The list of the sights of the town is not limited to the palace and manor. The important cultural and historical heritage of Kossov are Trinity Church, built in 1877 to replace the old wooden church built in 1626; stone Church of St. Anthony built in 1868 in the center of Kossovo; wooden Church of the Assumption, which now serves as a chapel.
Thus, one of the smallest cities in Belarus is very rich in valuable architectural and historical sights and is of great interest to tourists.

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