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The population: 1 thousand. Status: Village The year of foundation: XVI в. Grodno region, Grodno district

Location - Sopockin

Sopotskin - urban settlement in the Grodno district of the Grodno region of Belarus. The administrative center of Sopotskinsky Village Council. The settlement is located in 21 km north-west of Grodno.

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History of the development - Sopockin

The settlement has been known since the XVI century as a place of the Grodno povet of the Trok province, since 1793 it was the part of the Grodno province of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. During the Northern War of 1700–1721 years, it was occupied by Swedish troops led by Charles XII. In 1786 the settlement received the right to annual fairs. From 1795 it became part of Prussia, from 1807 - part of Warsaw Duchy, from 1815 part of the Russian Empire.
Since 1900 it became a settlement. Since 1921 as part of Poland, entered in the Grodno povet. From 1939 joined to the BSSR, the center of the Belostok district, from 1944 - the Grodno region.

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Tourism potential - Sopockin

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Sopotskin,
The building of the commandant's office, late XIX - early XX century;
Jewish cemetery, one of the oldest in Belarus
Catholic cemetery.

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Location map - Sopockin

GPS Google: 53.832124′ N, 23.654466′ E