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Photo - Svyack

The population: 32 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1521 Grodno region, Grodno district

Location - Svyack

The village is located 4 km south from Sapotskin village and 17 km north-west from the center of Grodno. Near the western outskirts of the village Grodno - Sopotskin - the border with Lithuania road passes. 8 km to the west is the border with Poland.

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History of the development - Svyack

For the first time, Svyatsk was mentioned in the XVI century as the courtyard of the Grodno povet, which since 1521 was under the direction of Yuri Radzivil.
In 1779 - the beginning of the XIX century a stone palace was built here according to the design of the Italian architect Giuseppe de Sacco.
As a result of the third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1795), Svyatsk became part of Prussia and in 1807 of the Russian Empire.
According to the Riga Peace Treaty (1921), Svyatsk got became part of the interwar Polish Republic.
Since 1939 as part of the BSSR.

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Tourism potential - Svyack

Svyatsky Vollovichey palace - XVIII century monument of architecture surrounded by a park.

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Individual and corporate excursions - Svyack

Location map - Svyack

GPS Google: 53.79624′ N, 23.660195′ E