Quest «White Elephant» in Mir Castle

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Quest «White Elephant» in Mir Castle


Mir Castle is full of secrets and mysteries, for almost 100 years it has kept the story of the White Elephant. It\'s time to lift the veil of secrecy and go through the White Elephant quest with difficult challenges on October 21, November 25 and December 23, 2023. and Mir Castle invite you to visit the mysterious and shrouded secret quest «White Elephant».

The guardian of the Mir Castle has prepared for the quest participants difficult tests of logic and ingenuity and, of course, knowledge of history. Only after going through this difficult path can you find out which White Elephant we are talking about.

Before the start of the game, visitors who have purchased a ticket to participate in the quest can independently get acquainted with the permanent exhibition of the museum, as well as additionally order an excursion program or audio guide service.

You can visit the White Elephant quest as part of an excursion Mir Castle, you can leave a request here.

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