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Every connoisseur of jewelry art has asked himself the question: how beautiful works are born? Do not miss the unique opportunity to plunge into the world of stones, gold and silver and discover the secrets of jewelry production. Visit the jewelery factory Zorka - one of the largest jewelery manufacturers in the CIS countries.

After the tour, you can visit the showroom of the ZORKA plant, where all jewelry collections are represented, and take an advantage of the exclusive opportunity to purchase jewelry at manufacturer prices that are significantly lower than market prices.
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  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
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    Attraction Jewelry factory «ZORKA»
    Jewelry factory Zorka is known far beyond the borders of Belarus. The design of the manufacturing enterprise was developed by the Italian architect Giuseppe Dahl Doso, who is the author of the projects for a variety of jewelry houses, including Tiffany. The factory is built according to the principle of a smart home and meets all modern requirements in terms of environmental friendliness and economy. During the tour you will get acquainted with all the steps of this multistage process of jewelry production. You will see the way future works are born: from a watercolor sketch, to a 3D model. A casting process represents an absolutely superior beauty, where the gold molten at 1000 ° C is almost ready to decorate after a while . Also you will have a unique opportunity to observe the fine work of jewelers, who with special tenderness brings to perfection earrings, rings, pendants. You can hold gold bars in your hands and find out how seamless wedding rings are made.
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Excursion is only carried out on weekdays in the morning for adult groups. When visiting the factory, please leave your personal jewelry at home in advance, or in the storage room at the factory before the excursion, as visiting the plant in decorations is prohibited, as well as comfortable shoes are recommended. It is possible to conduct excursions in English.

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53-68 from 207 14'091
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