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The excursion «Safari in the Pripyat National Park» is a unique opportunity to see the wild animals of the national park in their natural habitat - without barriers and fences. Deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars roam freely in a specially designated area of ​​the forest, while guests watch them from the window of a safari train.

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The excursion program- Safari in Pripyat Polissya

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  • Museum
    Museum Museum of Nature National Park Pripyat
    The Belarusian Polesia – the edge calling and attracting to itself. The ethnographic region getting to fall in love everyone who has visited here at least once. Here both the history which has remained everywhere, and a charm of the villages "mislaid" in time. You will plunge into the kingdom of the nature – the coast of Pripyat will open to a look a boundless scope of the woods, swamps and a water smooth surface. With everything that you won't see with own eyes, attentive guides of the museum of the nature and life in the settlement of Lyaskovichi will acquaint. The big exposition will reveal the secrets of a rich animal and flora. And secrets of primordially Polesia life will be revealed in the thematic hall of ethnography of the Polesia region, in "Poleshuk's house" and in the hall of archeology.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Safari Park
    «Safari Park» is an amazing place, which is located on the territory of the National Park «Pripyatsky». Safari Park is a paradise for animals and tourists. A wide variety of birds and animals live on a vast territory. The park has created conditions as close as possible to the natural habitat. And some animals can even be stroked.
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    Moving in Minsk (250 km)
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The cost for person in group for the group
2-7 from 4'776 33'428
8-19 from 2'536 48'176
20-52 from 1'438 74'795
53-68 from 1'206 81'989
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  • lunch
  • entrance tickets
    • museum of nature Pripyat national park 144 / 72
    • Safari Park in the Pripyat national park 468 / 432

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