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The Museum of History of Disney

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Type: Local History Location: Disna, Vitebsk region

The collections of the museum of the history of Disna have more than 1600 items. These are paintings, furniture, household items, clothing, musical instruments, photographs and banknotes. The museum is divided into five exhibition halls. Among them: the local lore department, ethnographic halls, and an exposition dedicated to the role of the Jewish population in the history of the city.

The exposition of the museum opens with the section "Disna - the city of the museum" and includes materials related to the history of the city. Section "From antiquity to modern times" tells about the history of the city, the first settlements on the site of Disna. The exposition presents the results of archaeological excavations. A separate hall of the museum is devoted to the subjects of decorative and applied art and the everyday life of the XIX - XX centuries both in Disna district and other regions of Belarus. Particular emphasis is placed on the subjects of folk crafts: weaving, weaving from the vine, needlework.

Another hall is dedicated to the Jewish population of the Disna District and its contribution to the development of the city, as well as the tragedy of the Second World War is the Holocaust.

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    Address 211950 Vitebsk region, Miory district, town of Disna, Pervomayskaya str, 2A GPS Google: 55.567160′ N, 55.567160′ E