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Museum Minsk Watch Plant «Luch»

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 6 Location: Minsk, Minsk region

Minsk Watch Plant is more than 65 years of history of watchmaking, which made it possible for many years to produce reliable, high-quality watches «Luch». The factory has a full cycle of production of mechanical watches. During its existence, the factory has developed more than 20 mechanisms, and even more watch models have been released. To preserve the history of the only watch factory in Belarus and share it with everyone, it was decided to create the Minsk Watch Plant, which was opened in February 2020

Photo - Museum Minsk Watch Plant «Luch»

    Exposure - Museum Minsk Watch Plant «Luch»

    1. time devices - the collection contains watches produced from 1955 to the present. The funds contain the first models of small women's watches «Zarya» with a 1800 movement, a watch with a 1801 movement, the smallest women's watch with a 1300«Minsk» movement, an especially flat men's watch «Vympel» 2209, a watch with a movement from 1814, 1815, 1816 - from calendar and self-winding, medical watches, watches for miners, watches dedicated to the 1980 Moscow Olympics, watches with a quartz movement. The models reflect trends in watchmaking over different periods of time. The collection is constantly replenished with watches from new collections and special orders.
    2. photos - reflecting different periods of the history of the Minsk Watch Factory. Photos of employees, technological teams, buildings, photos of building construction, watch models. The collection is replenished with photographs provided by the employees of the plant and their relatives.
    3. equipment - the collection includes watchmakers' tools: screwdrivers, tweezers, oil dosing, stands, manual glass cutters, shovels. The funds also include a watchmaker's desk, a lathe, a projector for rejecting parts, a microscope, and laboratory scales.
    4. dials - the collection contains unique and rare hand-printed dials (dials with Lithuanian princes, flags, works of art, etc.).
    5. drawings, diagrams - drawings of the first watch models with the technical characteristics of the movement, technical projects and construction diagrams of factories.
    6. scientific auxiliary - postcards and flyers, product catalogs, boxes, warranty cards.

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    Address 220012 Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Naturalistov Street, 3 GPS Google: 53.927698′ N, 53.927698′ E