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Zhodino Museum of Regional Studies

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Type: Local History Location: Zhodino, Minsk region
Zhodino Museum of Regional Studies is located in the old part of town in a building that previously to the Council of Deputies. This building has preserved the originality of the Soviet era the 50s of the twentieth century and of itself is of architectural value. Museum guests will appreciate the well adjacent to the museum area - the town square. The city authorities plan to run here Set a memorial monument to the founder of Zhodino Bohuslav Radziwill. The section "Nature of our region" is located on the first floor of the museum, also located here Storage Facility, and administrative and household premises. Climbing up the stairs to get to the gallery Tripper, consisting of several exhibitions and museum caught. Creative evenings, exhibitions of young artists, photo exhibitions, presentations and conferences are held in the lobby on the second floor.

As part of the museum's activities, the following cultural events:

  • Once a month, visitors can participate in the campaign "Рarties at the Museum", which was held during a meeting with interesting people.
  • At the request of group visitors to the museum can visit the video lectures "The Great Patriotic War. The collapse of the fascist plan Blitzskrig" in which tourists can analyze the events of the first months of World War II.
  • In addition, by appointment of the museum, guests can visit the lecture "Zhodino during the war", which highlights the history of Zhodino during World War II, reveals the theme of clandestine and guerrilla movements, he tells about heroes Zhodino land.
  • Also monthly at the city's exhibition hall organized a new exhibition of works by professional artists, but in the Small hall displays works of non-professional artists.
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      Address 222160, Minsk region, the town of Zhodino, Kupriyanov street, 15 GPS Google: 54.097908′ N, 54.097908′ E