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Mogilev Regional Art Museum named Maslenikov

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Type: Historical Location: Mogilev, Mogilev region
Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after PV Maslennikov was founded November 19, 1990 and is housed in a building that is an architectural monument of the twentieth century. During construction it was used features of Art Nouveau, Pseudo, late classicism, the author of the project is architect A.Druker. Initially, in 1914, the building housed the Land Bank and peasants, and from 1919 until May 1932 - Mogilev State Historical Museum. Later, here are the Mogilev regional committee of the CPSU (b). But in an armored-room safe for leaving valuables museum. Among them were coins, keys to the city of Mogilev, cross Euphrosyne and much more... It spetshranilischa museum treasures have disappeared at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

In 1944, after the liberation of the city, the building housed the regional committee of the CPSU city committee and, later - the newspaper "Mogilev true." And only with the November 19, 1990 decision of the executive committee of the Mogilev Oblast Council of Deputies was finally opened Mogilev Regional Art Museum. The beginning of the formation of the collections was the transfer of the Mogilev regional museum 83 paintings, drawings, works of applied art.

July 28, 1994, Paul V. Maslennikov, a famous artist, a native of the Mogilev region, presented to the museum during the passage of his second personal exhibition of all the 125 best works of art created by 80 years of life. So it opened the first in Belarus author Art Gallery. January 22, 1996 the museum was named after the artist, and in September 1997, near the building of the museum, a monument was erected, a bust by sculptor P.V.Maslenikova Vl.M.Letuna.

Every year, on the basis of the museum held the international plein air painting on the "Image of Motherland in Fine Arts" dedicated to outstanding masters of brush land Mogilev and important events of the country (the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War). They are attended by artists from different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Armenia, Israel, France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, China and others. At the end of each of the plein air passes final exhibition participants. Funds of the museum is constantly replenished with new works of art. Interesting items from the collections are exhibited occasionally in the spacious halls for temporary exhibitions.

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    Address 212030, Belarus, Mogilev, st. Mironov, 33 GPS Google: 53.908123′ N, 53.908123′ E