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Novosamotovichsky Literary Museum

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Type: Literary Location: Novie Samotevichi, Mogilev region
Novosamotovichsky Literary Museum was opened in 1984 in the village of Samotevichi, Kostyukovichi district on the initiative of Lamiskaga. It was located in three rooms: one room - childhood A. Kuleshov, the second - the beginning of creation, the third - the Great Patriotic War in the life and work of the poet. The head of the museum from 1984 to 1990 worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature Sharoiko Jacob Akimovich.

The Chernobyl tragedy hasn't done Samotevichi village. Residents were forced to move into a clean area. Museum exhibits returned back to the district museum. Only in 1999, the 85th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Kuleshov at the initiative of the director of the museum, was opened museum in a new village Novye Samotevichi. The head of the museum with 1998 to 2006 was Elena Razderina, since 2006 the head of the museum works Natalia Labyntseva.

The museum is located in the premises Novosamotovichskoy secondary school in the same room with an area of 53.3 m2.

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    Address 213684, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Kostyukovichskij district, Novye Samotevichi GPS Google: 53.283087′ N, 53.283087′ E