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To your attention acquaintance to the capital of Belarus – the city of Minsk and one of the oldest productions – MTZ. The Minsk tractor works - "city" in the city where there are streets, garment factories, cafe and restaurant, radio and the concert hall, teams and music bands. You will visit the most different shops and learn history of one of the oldest productions. Today production of "BELARUS" works in all corners of Earth where there is life. Look with own eyes as tractors with the world name "BELARUS" are born on light.

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The excursion program - Minsk Tractor Works

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group Belarus, Minsk, railway station, 1st floor, Central escalator, (metro station Ploshcha Lenina)
  • Museum
    The exposition of the museum of the Minsk Tractor Plant, which includes genuine historical documents, as well as modern interactive elements, will tell about the bright and eventful history of the creation of the plant, its development and formation.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Minsk Tractor Plant
    The Minsk tractor plant – a leader of mechanical engineering of Republic of Belarus. MTZ keeps the chronicle since 1946 – it is eventful stories of creation, development and formation of the plant. And now the enterprise is ready to lower a curtain and to show "behind the scenes". You will pass on enterprise streets where there are stops, sidewalks and infrastructure. You will enter shops where do details with an accuracy of micron. Directly before you, on conveyors tractors with the world name "BELARUS" will come to life. And you will see the models which earlier descended from them on the exhibition platform where it is possible to make impressive photos in a cabin of "Belarusian", and in the square of the 70 anniversary of MTZ – very unusual photo exhibit and "firstborn" of the Minsk tractor plant is presented there.
  • Attraction
    Tour may be supplemented by:
    Service«Gather a tractor»: involvement of the assembly of a tractor with a worldwide name "BELARUS" with the subsequent issuance of a certificate.
    Service «Tractor ride»: riding the tractor «BELARUS–3522» with a 350 horsepower (2 rounds length of 2,5 km).
  • The end of the tour
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  • Pay attention if you organize an excursion for children's group or you plan to take in the child's travel: On the enterprise children are allowed 9 years are not younger.
  • "The Minsk tractor works" you can go To an excursion in any day Monday through Friday.
  • After the excursion the lunch at the Kolos restaurant located in the territory of production can be organized.
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    Map of the tour route Minsk Tractor Works