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Type: Literary The exhibition: 4 Location: Slonim, Grodno region

In 1992 the first in the Grodno region Museum of the book was created at the Central Library named after J. Kolas
Two operating room there are in the museum. One of them is dedicated to J. Kolasa, whose name is the library. It contains information about the main stages of life, photos, collected works, rare writer books. Great value is the book «Otshchepenec» autographed by the writer specifically for Slonim library.
The second room is devoted to the Literary of Slonim land. It tells about the life and career of our writers: G. Levchyk, V. Loiko., A. Tavlyi, A. Ivers and others. A special place is given to the works of young writers.

In 2017 in Slonim library museum room of the poet, writer, scholar, doctor of philological sciences and professor - Oleg Loika was opened. It is dedicated to his ife and work.

The museum has become a place of interesting meetings with writers, meaningful excursions and stories about new books, it is visited by students from schools and secondary educational institutions of the city, lovers of literature. There is an exhibition of rare books of XIX-XX century.
In total there are collected 35 documents, including works of fiction, books on history and regional studies, tutorials, publish religious-spiritual books, etc. The oldest book is - the third book of the anniversary edition «Poeziya Adama Mickevicha», published in 1897 year.

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    Exposure - Museum of the Belarusian Book

    1. The life and creativity of J. Kolas

      A small exposition about the main stages of life, collected works, jubilee editions, rare books by J. Kolas of 1914, 1928 years. The exhibition is systematically updated with new publications about J. Kolas and publications of his works, thanks to the friendship with the granddaughter of J. Kolas Vera Mitskevich.

    2. Literary Slonim

      Besides the books of our countrymen (G. Levchyk, S. Darozhnaga, О. Loiko, V. Tavlyi, A. Ivers etc.) in the hall there are portraits of writers, books-presents, booklets, photos. Here are the busts of Francis Skaryna and Anatoly Ivers.

    3. Museum room of O. Loika

      The museum room occupies a separate room, where are presented the books given to the library by the author, personal items, documents from the family archive. Many books, photos donated by friends and colleagues of the philological faculty of BSU. The museum room has 105 exhibits.

    4. The exhibition of a rare book of the late XIX - early XX century

      Here are collected books and household items from the private collection of a journalist and local historian M. I. Rylko. Among them are «Poeziya Adama Mickevicha» (1897), «Vojna i mir» by L. Tolstoy (1905.), «Chizhik belorusskij» by G. Levchyk (1912) and others.
      For those who are interested in the history of their small homeland, the valuable find in this collection is the book «Istoricheskie zametki goroda Slonima» by Godel Goldberg (Slonim, 1934). The book contains photographs and a plan of the city with the same street names as in 1934.
      The oldest book presented at the exhibition is the third book from the anniversary edition «Poeziya Adama Mickevicha», published in 1897 in Warsaw. Book contains a biography of the famous classic of Polish literature, the poem «Pan Tadeusz», translations, literary articles.

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    Address 231799, Slonim, Sovetskaya str. 6 GPS Google: 53.093975′ N, 53.093975′ E