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Museum Cultural Complex arboretum village Mosar

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Type: Complex Location: Mosar, Vitebsk region
Cultural Complex arboretum village Mosar was founded in 1989 and today people come here not only from Belarus, but also from other countries. And see there is something: a huge number of exotic and not flowers, trees and shrubs of different species, sculptures religious direction, artificial reservoirs and scenic paths. And over all this beauty stands the highest in Belarus Catholic cross, as if to symbolize the presence of God in this place.

Especially interesting for the visitors of the complex are famous mosarskie springs, water containing minerals and is considered curative (no wonder a lot of people come for this water). The road to the springs is "ruzhantsovuyu alley" - a path with chapels along it.

In addition, you can visit Mosar two museums: one of a kind museum and a branch Temperance Gluboksky Historical and Ethnographic Museum, the credit for the creation of which is wholly owned by priest Juozas. The most interesting is the last of the designated museums. In fact, this collection of old things that I once enjoyed the locals (all the exhibits collected in Mosar and neighboring villages). After seeing the museum, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the life of ordinary people, to see interesting and even unique items.

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    Address 211807, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region., Glubokoye district, village Mosar GPS Google: 55.226250′ N, 55.226250′ E